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Nursing Assessment

Do you want to learn how to assess a patient to ensure correct nursing diagnosis and achieve desired patient outcome?

If you want to know how to perform a correct and timely nursing assessment, then you have come to the right place.

A nursing assessment of the patient is the process of assessing the patient and taking necessary actions to obtain desired patient outcome. This course provides an overview of the 4 As of the initial assessment workflow – Ask the patient, assess the patient, act in the best interest of the patient, advice the patient and inform the hospital staff. Also, how to perform a quick 10-minute head-to-toe assessment of the patient.

Patient falls and pressure sores are the major risk factors that leads to considerable patient suffering. We will guide you to assess and prevent these incidents using risk assessment tools.

Next, learn how to write and implement a nursing care plan. But how can you determine the effectiveness of nursing care and the patient’s progress towards the expected outcome?

Reassess the patient with the help of modified early warning score (MEWS), perform pain assessment and monitor the input and output of the patient. Re-evaluate the patient’s condition and update the care plan to achieve desired patient outcome.


Do you want to ensure accurate, complete and timely documentation of your care?

If you want to learn how to document relevant information, then you have come to the right place.

A proper documentation plays a major part in quality assurance and contributes to patient safety and quality of care. This course provides an overview of importance of documentation and the best practices to ensure proper documentation. In this course you will learn two unique methodologies to make your notes efficient and relevant. The first methodology is Focus notes or F-DAR notes. Next is SOAPIE note, which is an organised way to document patient’s progress. We have also provided exercises for you to practice writing notes.

To make the course more interesting, we have sprinkled it with videos. And we have also provided additional reading materials if you wish to gain more knowledge.  We request you to make the best use of all the learning materials.

By the end of this course, we aim to help you achieve the desired nursing goals- timely care and patient recovery.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start learning!

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Course Content

Pre-test – Nursing Assessment

  • Pre-test: Nursing Assessment

Initial Assessment

Nursing Process and Care Plan


Risk Assessment

Post-test- Nursing Assessment

Pre-test – Documentation


Post-test- Documentation
You have to score a minimum of 80% in post test. In case you get a score of less than 80%, then please read the lessons. And retake the post test. You have to do this till you get a minimum of 80% in post test. Remember, maximum number of attempts is three.

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